Welcome To TheMatthewCraig.com

Hello. I'm Matthew Craig. I'm a writer from the West Midlands.
The majority of my work has been solo and collaborative work in the small press comics scene, but I have also written stories for
the anthologies New British Comics 3 and Bayou Arcana, the latter of which you can buy from Comixology and DriveThruComics.
I have uploaded many of my early comics to Dropbox for free persual.
Please help yourself to any and all of the comics listed below. I hope you enjoy them.
Thank you for stopping by.

Trouble Bruin - a son's memories of his Brummie superhero father.
Trixie Biker: Attack Of The Sixty-Inch Pixie - the Petrolhead Princess of Deva City fights a boyband baddie and the rightful King of England!
Tryhard and Tearaway - Welsh schoolboy superheroes.
Moir - a stand-up comedian from Manchester undergoes a minor not-quite-mid-life-crisis.
Le Telemacquette - sci-fi horror; a grieving widow hears a knock at the door...
Bostin Heroes - for the Black Country - - and BEYOND!
Trixie Biker Versus The Time-Wastrel - a broken-hearted scientist tries to turn back the clock.
Vitale - the zombie sequel to Romeo and Juliet.
Newstreet Versus The Accelerati - Birmingham's brightest superhero must bodge his way to victory over a cadre of community arts-themed criminals, led by a woman who might want to break more than our hero's heart!
Ultimate Fantasy 1 - a very unofficial Spider-Man fancomic in which the origin of modern Spidey Miles Morales is retold in the page count, panel layouts and milieu of 1962's Amazing Fantasy 15.