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Matthew Craig Links

    Bostin Heroes - For The Black Country - And BEYOND!
    Matthew Craig @ Twitter - - Microblogging about comics and associated foofraw
    Ninth Art - Comics Commentary for the Discerning Reader (archive of reviews, features and essays)
    UKomics - Printers for Bostin Heroes and Bayou Arcana
    Madeley Print Shop - Printers for all my solo comics projects, stickers and posters

News and Current Affairs

BBC News
    The Guardian - UK national newspaper
    New Scientist - Cutting-edge science journalism
    Nature - Cutting edge science

Comics News and Culture

    Comic Book Resources
    The Comics Reporter - Tom Spurgeon's superb comics news digest and analysis website
    Bugpowder - Small Press Comics Newsblog
    Forbidden Planet Blog - rich overview of the British/international comics scene
    ArtBomb (now closed, but the archive of webcomics and graphic novel reviews makes the site essential reading)
    Caption - Annual British Small Press Comics Festival
    Spiderfan - the Internet's premier Spider-Man fansite.

Comics Websites
    DC Comics
    Oni Press
    Warren Ellis
    Andy Diggle
    Antony Johnston
    Alex De Campi
    Kieron Gillen
    Dani Abram - Artist on Bayou Arcana: Small World
    Jack Davies - Artist on Bostin Heroes
    Paul Eldridge - Artist on Bostin Heroes
    Rich Johnson - Artist on Bostin Heroes and New British Comics 3: Here Comes The Neighbourhood
    Lee Grice - Artist on Brom of the Cornovii and extensive UK Small Press/Indy Comics coverage
    Inspired Comics - Midlands-based (mostly) young comics collective, including Jack Davies
    Leann Hill - artist on
Comic Shop Romance and its sequel; here's her Flickr site
    Rob Croonenborghs - artist on
Healing Hans
    Simon Mackie - artist on
War Dog
    Chris Shipton - artist on Viva!
    Dan Lester - editor of The Crap Your Pants Anthology which featured
The Salaryman Regrets
    Douglas Noble - small press creator, master of atmospheric comics, and Friend of The Site
    David Baillie - another small presser. The 24 Hour comic A Dog's Tale is particularly good
    Alistair Kennedy's One Hundred Days - a heroic blogathon through the world of Comics
    House To Astonish - Alistair Kennedy & Paul O'Brien's comics podcast and review blog.
    Len O'Grady - illustrator, colourist
    Natalie Sandells
    Just One Page - Adrian Brown's charity anthology comic
    Bart Croonenborghs - comics and animation
    Paul Ridgon


BBC Comedy Podasts - Adam & Joe, The Now Show, Rhod Gilbert and The News Quiz. And much more!
   The Bugle - Audio Newspaper For A Visual World (Andy Zaltzman & John Oliver)
   Collings and Herrin - Topical and off-topical comedy from Andrew Collins and Richard Herring
   Phill & Phil's Perfect 10 - Cornucopius cuff-less comédie du chapeau. (MP3 link)
   Answer Me This! - Question & Answer-based comedy from Helen Zaltzman, Olly Mann and sound man Martin.
   House To Astonish - Alistair Kennedy and Paul O'Brien's forthrightly fortnightly comics podcast.



Bespoke Webcomics

    Best Day Ever and Jumping The Shark - Music and friendship-oriented comics by Sammy Borras (Inspired Comics)
    Dinosaur Comics
    Kaz's Underworld
    Perry Bible Fellowship
    Rob and Elliot
    The Exquisite Karma Bypass
    Flick and Jube - co-created by
War Dog artist Simon Mackie
    Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life - a beautiful serial webcomic following a pair of itinerant robots on their circuitous path across the solar system.