Ground Control To Hondle Dog!

A Sunday drive goes stratospheric in the greatest Hondle adventure yet! When the postmortem pooch and his scruffbag companion are taken aboard a superstrict space mine, one will find himself worshipped, while the other will find himself horsewhipped!

Separated from both his dog and his dacks, poor Craigy must escape his slavemasters and find his way out of the bowels of the operation before he succumbs to that most awful of fates: a hard day's work!

Meanwhile, Hondle must contend with the unwanted attentions of both the munchkin folk who abducted him and their hideous cyborg overlord. But what do they want with our four-legg�d fiend? What is the terrifying truth at the heart of the space mine? Who is the monstrous Sobaka? And how long can Craigy survive in just his underpants?

Review by Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet Comics Blog:

"�s lots of fun, has a nice bit of action and as you�d expect with a Hondle book, plays nicely on the love between man and his dog. And Craig also throws in a couple of good gags along the way..."




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