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20-04-2015:    Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? I've been a bit quiet, for which I can only beg your indulgence and forgiveness. But now we're back with a brand-new jam: NEWSTREET VS. THE ACCELERATI, the story of a young man trying to keep a promise, while looking for love in all the wrong places (Birmingham). The comic is illustrated by the excellent Steve Roberts, whose wonderful autobiogaphical comic Fingers Crossed (created with Jim Pownall) is a great example of the graceful reality Steve brings to all his work (especially Newstreet!). Here's the synopsis:

Click here to visit my Comicsy store and buy a copy of NEWSTREET!

Rajesh Ramani divides his time between his Forensic IT job, protecting his city as Newstreet, and a series of disastrous dates with Birmingham’s eligible bachelorettes. But when a series of technologically-sophisticated bank robberies leads him to a community arts project with complicated motives, what Raj finds might just break his heart – if it doesn’t break his face first!

It’s Flight, Fight and Flirt as Birmingham’s kung fu champion meets the supervillain of his dreams!

Newstreet debuted at The Birmingham Comics Festival on April 18th, where we were able to sell a nice fat stack of copies. Early reviews of the comic have been largely positive, for which Steve and I are both very grateful.

Unlike my other comics, Newstreet is completely print-exclusive. There's no digicomic edition, and there won't be for a good while to come. This is because of irritating VAT regulations beyond our control. So the only place you'll be able to buy a copy is in my Comicsy store. The comic comes in two editions: a £3 edition, consisting of just the comic and some stickers, and the £6 limited-edition giftset, which consists of a copy of the comic, two exclusive badges, a sheet of 6 exclusive and never-to-be-reprinted stickers, a piece of original artwork by Steve, and a photo print by me. Plus a couple of random stickers from the bag. Not bad for £6, and it'll help us offset our costs, making future ventures more viable.

Click here to visit my Comicsy store and buy a copy of NEWSTREET!

Newstreet's been a long time coming, so it feels even sweeter than usual to be able to put this book in your hands. You'll see there are a couple of prototype stories here on the site. Raj is still the same character he was in these stories, but thanks to the wit and humanity of Steve's artwork, he's finally here to save the day, the right way.

We hope you enjoy Newstreet. My next convention outing will be Birmingham ICE on Saturday September 5th, but I'm hoping to be able to bring you at least one wee strip before then, so check back soon!

14-04-2013:    I've added a free digital download to my Comicsy store: MOIR: STAND UP, COMIC. You may have read Moir in print, or here on The Matthew Craig Dot Com in the past, but the power of digicomics allows me to revive it as a thank you to everyone who has read or purchased a comic in the past year.

Moir: Stand Up, Comic. Free! Freeee! GET IT.

Published in 2007, it was my first long comic with a purely real-world setting and cast. No superheroes, no dogs: just a guy, his best mate, and the city of Manchester. I published it in order to take to a reunion of University pals, but of course the British weather put the mockers on that.

Reading Moir today, I can see both its deep flaws - the art, the fact that it was written and drawn in a serious rush - and its strengths. I believe in the characters, some of the dialogue is not too bad, and it feels authentic to my memories of Manchester. I hope you'll feel the same way when you read it. There are plenty of bonus extras, including photos of real locations depicted in the story, alternate covers and an embarrassingly rough first go at the character from Summer 2001.

The .pdf download is free, with my compliments and deep gratitude, although I hope you'll consider dropping one or more of the other digicomics in your cart while you're there. I appreciate any and all custom. Please note that if you buy all seven digicomics (£3/$4.60), you'll get a free print comic of your choice (in the UK) or a digital sketch (outside the UK), stock and my poor hand permitting.